Somewhere there is a programmer laughing….

I was driving, lost as usual, and my GPS was telling me “get to the left, get to the left, stay to the left, turn right NOW!” Naturally I couldn’t make a right from the left lane. It was as though the GPS lady was mocking me. Because as soon as I flew past where I was supposed to turn she says “make a u-turn” the “haha, you idiot” was implied. I knew somewhere a GPS programmer was laughing. URG….


Yoga Shomoga

I joined a gym and went to one class; I liked it very much. I bought lots of cute yoga clothes, however, I never went back. Now I look cute sitting on the couch dressed in my yoga clothes!! I also exercise my brain daily…thinking about going to the gym! Good thing I keep my water bottle and granola bars close by because it is exhausting!