Say What?!

I was in @costco buying a sled birthday gift. The women behind me in line made a comment about the sled. I turned to her and said “It’s a birthday gift for a friend. He is turning 8” She gave me this horrified look; which, of course, only spurred me on. “I’m so excited” I said. “The party is at Chuck E Cheese. Last time I was there I became stuck in one of the climbing tubes and could not move!” Her face was even more telling at this point. I continued “The fire department had to come and rescue me. I was wedged so tightly in the climbing tube that I lost my pants trying to free myself. Finally, after taking the entire apparatus apart, I was rescued, pant-less, but free!” She was hanging on every word as though trying to call for help in her head. I finished by asking “Do you think I should try climbing in the tubes again?”


This is what her face looked like as I was chatting with her!

Life is way to short not to have FUN!


My gym visits….

They say going to the gym is so healthy. I go to my gym twice everyday…to drop off and pickup my son. I am beginning to wonder if I have to actually go inside to see any benefits. 😜

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Somewhere there is a programmer laughing….

I was driving, lost as usual, and my GPS was telling me “get to the left, get to the left, stay to the left, turn right NOW!” Naturally I couldn’t make a right from the left lane. It was as though the GPS lady was mocking me. Because as soon as I flew past where I was supposed to turn she says “make a u-turn” the “haha, you idiot” was implied. I knew somewhere a GPS programmer was laughing. URG….